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Attitude Status for Whatsapp

WhatsApp Attitude Status

Hello Friends Today i am Share With You Amazing WhatsApp And Facebook Status in Hindi And English Language in These Post I will Share The Attitude Status for Whatsapp And Facebook So
Here i Post All Attitude Status Hope You Like it

Cool Attitude Status: Update Status Now

  • If you think I am BAD than you’re wrong, I'm the worst.              
  • My attitude based on how you treat me.                                               
  • I always arrive late at office but I make it by leaving early.                      
  • The biggest slap to your enemies is your success.                                      
  • I'm not changed it’s just I grew up and you should try too.                   
Attitude Status for Whatsapp

  • ’i am sorry my fault. I forgot you’re an Idiot.                                      
  • I don’t have a bad handwriting, I have my own FONT.                        
  • Excuse me. I found something under my shoes oh its your Attitude.                 
  • When I'm good I'm best , when I'm bad I'm worst.                                       
  • Me and my wife live happily for 25 years and then we met…                              

  • I’m cool but global warming made me hot.                                                 
  • I’m poor. I can’t pay attention in class room.                                              
  • Childhood is like being drunk, everyone remembers what you did, except you.         
  • Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.                                              
  • If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’, It only means that you are ‘Above them’.           
Attitude Status for Whatsapp

  • I'm Not Special , I'm Just Limited Edition.                                                         
  • Please don’t get confused between my personality & my attitude.                                    
  • My personality is who I am & my attitude depends on who you are!                           
  • Friends are the family you choose                                                                       
  • If your bad. Call me your Dad.                                                                   
Attitude Status for Whatsapp

  • Sleep till you’re hungry... Eat till you’re sleepy.                                                     
  • Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my Whatsapp status...                                      
  • I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by selling my car.                            
  • Tried to loose weight… But it keeps finding me.                                                       
  • A true friend sees the first tear, catches the second an stops the third.                                   
Attitude Status for Whatsapp

  • It is better to live alone. There is no friendship with a fool.                                              
  • A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your hear.                                      
  • A beautiful friendship can change people.                                                             
  • World is full of smiles, whenever friends are with me.                                                
  • Never forget who was there for you when no one else was.                                           

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